Events for Pilgrims




15th September

The evening Sunday Holy Mass in Loreto Church of the Nativity of Our Lord will contain the sung Psalms of David performed by Loreto organists Alena Maršíková and Radek Rejšek.

2nd October – The Capuchin Evenings

You are cordially invited to 91st charity concert in the Baroque refectory of Capuchin Convent opposite Loreto Sanctuary. At 7 pm. 

20th October

During the evening Sunday Holy Mass in Loreto Church of the Nativity of Our Lord (7 pm.) the organ classic music will be performed by Martin Moudrý, organist of the church of Virgin Mary and St. Charles the Great in Prague.

24th October – Feast of Christ the King

On the last Sunday of the liturgical year during the evening Holy Mass in Loreto Church of the Nativity of Our Lord (7 pm.) the organ classic music will be performed by Radek Rejšek, regenschori of Loreto Sanctuary.


The pilgrimage cycle path from Loreto to Křemešník attracts adults and children. Net faith journey, amazing country and pilgrimage places ... young and old pilgrims can find something for everyone.

kremesnik poute

You are cordially welcome to feel spiritual essence of Loreto Sanctuary and Capuchin Convent... 


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pasijeFolk Passion Performance

28h April at 3 pm.
Do not miss the impressive depiction of the Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord through the traditional Passion play. The performance will take about
75 min. The entrance to the Loreto Sanctuary (Capuchin Collections) is possible without restrictions, even during the performance (from the left side on the balustrade – follow the inscriptions, please).
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Regular divine services



  • every Sunday  - 6 pm. in the Loreto main Church of the Nativity of Our Lord (at 7 pm. from July 2018)
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Anniversary Holy Mass

You are cordially welcome to celebrate the Anniversary Holy Mass, which will be held in Loreto Church of the Nativity of Our Lord
in June 7 at 6 pm!

Church of the Nativity of Our Lord

IMG 3288

The Dientzenhofers - an important family of architects - had an impact on the building development of the Prague Loreto in the first half of the 18th century. Christoph Dientzenhofer began the two-phase reconstruction of the church and designed the western facade of the entire complex, which was finished, after his death in 1722, by his son Kilian Ignaz, with minor alterations. The latter is also the author of the design of the terrace with balustrades in front of the facade. In 1735, Christoph’s stepson, J. G. Aichbauer, finished the final reconstruction of the church, financed (as was most of the interior decoration) by Countess Maria Margarethe Waldstein, née Czernin von Chudenice.

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The History of the Pilgrimage Site


The Prague Loreto is a remarkable Baroque historic monument, a place of pilgrimage with captivating history. The expansive decorative frontal façade with a clock tower, from which the Loreto carillon tunes may be heard every hour, shall certainly not go unnoticed by any local or foreign visitor passing here on his or her way to the Prague Castle. It would, however, be a great pity to enjoy only this picturesque view opening before us from the terrace of the Czernin Palace. Those who descend as far as the Loreto Square and pass through the Loreto gate will be pleasantly surprised by the place of pilgrimage disposition. We are convinced they will appreciate everything of interest that is to be seen here.

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