home altar

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One of the most important works in Loreto treasure Collection is this Home Altar Shrine made of ebony wood with silver figural group of the Nativity of Our Lord - what an amazing noble luxury home crib!

The Bethlehem scene is set in the precise portal architecture, with a series of silver miniature additions. The extension is decorated with silver sculptures of the Pieta and Christ as the Salvator Mundi. The work is marked with the coat-of-arms of the Mollart family, from which Magueritte,benigna married to Adam Gallus Popel von Lobkowitz, the mother of Benigna Katharina von Lobkowitz, was descended. It is thus very likely that the altar, as a family treasure, was donated to the Loreto by the founder. The work bears the Augsburg mark AL and was clearly made by the goldsmith Abraham Lotter the Younger, documented in Augsburg between 1618-1625. Comparable masterpieces have been preserved in the treasury of the Residence at Munich.00016 4