vselijak1The Capuchin Evenings 

- 2nd October

On the first Wednesday of October you are cordially invited to the refectory of the Capuchin Convent opposite Loreto Sanctuary, where 
the 91st charity concert will be held.

What an idea - come and listen great cool music while supporting a good project! From 7 pm. let's enjoy a 86th benefit concert, in the baroque refectory of the Capuchin monastery opposite Loreto Sanctuary.

We cordially invite you to an interesting concert performed by the vocal ensemble ExperiPent

The vocal ensemble ExperiPent was founded in 2016 and is a five-member group of singers from Chomutov, Ústí nad Labem, Prague, Pilsen or Chemnitz (Germany).
ExperiPent has participated in several concerts at home and abroad. In their repertoire you can hear mostly popular songs, but do not avoid other genres.

Pavel Zmato, Lucie Soukupova, Ales Horak, Eva Rohnova and Martin Sojak - they all form the Vocal Body ExperiPent.


The charity concert will support international humanitarian organization Alfa Human Service."We support those who take long-term care of others: parents with children with disabilities, those who care for their close seniors and / or chronically ill."

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 Thanks for your support!