kapucinsky cyklus2The Capuchin Cycle at an exhibition in Clam-Gallas Palace

One of rare late-medieval paintings from the Capuchin Collections was loaned to the exhibition Six Hundred Years of Jan Hus and Husite Tradition in Prague History.

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europa jagellonica4Chalice from Loreto on the exhibition Europa Jagellonica

The only late-medieval work of Loreto treasure has been loaned to an exceptional exhibition project Europa Jagellonica representing a representative cross section of the art of the late Gothic and early Renaissance in Central Europe.

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Jewels from the Treasure at the Pernsteins Exhibition

Eleven small gems from the Loreto treasure was on display at Pernsteins and their Period, organized by the National Heritage Institute in Salm Palace at Prague Castle from May 3 to 31 July 2012.

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sucharda1Two statues from Hradschin Convent at the exhibition in Brno

The statues of St. Anthony of Padua and St. Thaddeus were loaned to the exhibition of the sculptor Vojtěch Sucharda in Moravian Museum.

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granat2Rare ensemble of garnets at the exhibition in St. Petersburg

The exhibition Seventeen centuries of Czech Garnet was organized by the National Museum Prague in the Russian Ethnographic Museum in St. Petersburg from 12th February to 1st March 2009.

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