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Capuchins in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia 1618 - 2018 / exhibition is officially already over, but partially still available for the visitors until a new exhibition in spring 2020 will be installed...
Don't miss the exhibition focused on the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin.


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On the first floor of the Loreto cloister is actually presented the exhibition focusing on the history of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin. Capuchins are the youngest branches of the "Franciscan family", the ecclesiastical orders that live according to the rule
of St. Francis of Assisi. The first brethern came to Bohemia in 1599, but in 1618 was established the Czech-Austrian province, the first self-governing unit
of the Order in our country, whose
400th anniversary we are actually celebrating.
erb kapucini
The coat of arms that the Franciscans have been using for centuries presents the hand of Christ and the hand of St. Francis which are holding a cross together. The coat of arms is provided with a caption in Latin, Pax et Bonum,
i.e. Peace and Good. Peace and Good. A very simple idea that promotes
joy and spiritual cheerfulness. It is an authentic evangelical message. 
The exhibition aims to bring to the public various types of missions of brethern Capuchin i Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia from the beginning
of the 17th century to the present day.

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It will present Capuchins like bursting missionaries, talented preachers, diplomats, sought-after confessors. Capuchins as requested military chaplains on battlefields of the Baroque era,

but also capuchins in uniforms of World War II. Capuchins who dedicated sacrifice to the sick during plague epidemics, capuchins dedicated to various charity projects. In order for the exhibition to be a truly visual project, a series of artworks linked to the history of the order reflecting the Capuchin identity and typical manifestations of spirituality and apostolate are exhibited. The exhibition also offers an overview of all places in the Czech Republic, where the Capuchins worked throughout history.

Duration of the Exhibition: 6th April  – 31st December 2018
Exhibition curators: Petr Bašta, Markéta Baštová
Cooperating team of historians:
Marek Brčák

Pacifik Miroslav Matějka

Matyáš František Bajger

Alessandro Catalano

Martin Flosman

Jiří Havlík

Jiří Hrbek

Karel Nesměrák

Zdeněk Orlita

Dagmar Smolíková

Jan Stříbrný

Jiří Wolf

The exhibits were kindly loaned by: The National Museum in Prague, Roman-Catholic parish – Rumburk deanry, Convent of the Order of the Sisters of St. Elisabeth in Prague, Convent of the Order of the Sisters of St. Elisabeth in Brno, Czech Christian Academy and private loaners. And, of course, Capuchin Convents in Prague - Hradschin, Prague – New Town, Sušice and Brno.

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