diamond monstrance


This impressive monstrance (ie valuable vessel designed for exposure consecrated communion wafers - the Body of Christ) is aptly called "Prague Sun". This gem of a liturgical vessels is decorated with incredible 6.222 diamonds. Their shine it fascinating, but equally remarkable is the overall artistic concept of this unique goldsmith work.

The author of the concept is a Viennese architect Johann Bernard Fischer von Erlach, the monstrance was made in court goldsmith's workshop of Johann Baptiste Känischbauer (the goldsmith) and Matthias Stegner (jeweler) in Vien between 1696-99.

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The middle box of the Blessed Sacrament seems to levitate in the gloriole of rays of shining diamonds, supported by a dynamic figure of the Virgin Mary Immaculate. Diamonds, of which is the monstrance made, were donated in 1695 by Ludmila Eva Francis Countess of Kolowrat, née. Hýzrle of Chodau. Completed artwork had to be accompanied by an armed escort of soldiers during it's transportation from Vienna to Prague.

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Practical use of this magnificent monstrance in the liturgy is rare for obvious reasons - the last time when pilgrims were invited to honor the Body of Christ exhibited in the "Prague sun" was in 1999 during a ceremony of anniversary of 400 years of the arrival of the first Capuchins in Bohemia.

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