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Three Capuchin Fragrances exhibition of children's works

Three Capuchin Fragrances exhibition of children's works

The first exhibition project in the newly opened Loreto bridge is the children's work from the private art school "Orphenica" at Pohořelec by Loreto. It is amazing how children inspire the nearby Loreto and the Capuchin monastery!


Drawings, paintings, but also ceramics of children are inspired by local history, some work directly responds to our current seasonal exhibition "Pax et Bonum, Capuchins in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia 1618-2018". The exhibition brings a fresh children's view of interesting historical events. Particularly remarkable is the processing of existential topics of life and death, directly inspired by Baroque painting of the skeleton at the door of the former Capuchin Pharmacy, a work the visitor can see during an exhibition on the 1st floor of the cloister.





The Art Project The Three Capuchin Fragrances (The Smell of the Gas - The Balloon in the Storm, The Smell of the Lost Pharmacy and The Smell of Gunpowder - The Angels to be shot) were created under the the leadership of Kristina Küblbecková.
The ceramic reliefs and sculptures "Land of Paradise" were created under the leadership of Jana Chmelíková. This is the work of children aged 6-16 years.