Loreto Prague

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we find Loreto Prague?

Loreto Sanctuary is located in Hradschin (Hradcany), close to Prague Castle on Loreto Square 7 - you can't miss its impressive Baroque facade with a carillon tower if you go from Pohořelec down towards the Castle. More in Getting here.

How to get here by public transport?

BY TRAM - Take tram number 22 or historic tram nuber 91 to station Pohořelec and then comfortably go from a slight hill on Loreto Square (about 5 minutes), from where you can easily proceed to Prague Castle.

BY METRO - Take a METRO green line A, get off in station Malostranská and then continue by tram No. 22 to station Pohořelec.

Can we park near Loreto?

CAR - near Loreto is a large paid parking place on Pohořelec (5 min. walk)

BUS - bus drivers can use the paid services of short-term stop (boarding - out) just above Pohořelec, on Dlabačov street (about 10 minutes walk from Loreto).

Is it possible for our group of pilgrims to celebrate a Holy Mass in Loreto Sanctuary?

Yes, groups of pilgrims are always welcome in Loreto. If the priest travels with you, it's not a problem after a previous agreement to organize a private Holy Mass for your group. However, it should be ordered by e-mail at least one week in advance. Please keep in mind that Loreto is by day opens as a museum - for pilgrim Holy Masses is reserved the time outside the museum opening hours in the morning or in the evening - see Book Pilgrim Holy Mass.

Can we celebrate our wedding in Loreto Sanctuary?

In Loreto, unfortunately, currently is not possible to enter into marriage. If you are interested in the religious wedding, you can contact the Hradschin Capuchin monastery and ask about the wedding at the Church of Our Lady of the Angels opposite the Loreto Sanctuary.

Is there a free admission for the guides of the groups?

Yes, Loreto Prague respects gratuity of the guides. Travel Guide of groups with min. 15 persons is entitled to free admission. See Group visits.

What about a free admission for the teachers of school groups?

Yes, also a teachers have a free admission - max. 1 teacher for free to the group of 10 students.

Is it possible to take a photos in Loreto expositions?

Yes, taking pictures and filming is possible, but only for private, non-commercial purposes We ask visitors to respect the the prohibition of the use of a tripod and flash with regard to the safety of the exhibits on display. Photographing is charged - see Services - Audioguide and Photo.

Is it possible to arrange a guided tour?

Tours are individual and are not timed, so groups of visitors freely pass through the entire Loreto Sanctuary. standardly we don't offer guided tours, our custodians are ready to give you a brief stories from the history and about the materpieces from the Loreto Collections. See Group visits

Is it possible to rent Loreto for commercial purposes?

Loreto area is rented for commercial purposes (filming, etc.) only rarely. Due to continuous daily opening as a museum and also the Loreto pilgrimage, and concert activities out of the opening hours, it is very difficult to find time space. Crucial is the kind of project that must correspond with the spiritual mission of Loreto Sanctuary as a place of pilgrimage (precluded is the filming commercials, fashion shows etc.). If you are interested in renting for filming always contact us by e-mail.

Can ensembles rent Loreto to the concert venue?

Yes, Loreta supports musical activities, not only by organizing our own concerts, but also throuht the offer of renting the Loreto Church of the Nativity to music ensembles - if you are interested don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail.

Is an audioguide available in Loreto?

Yes, the audio guide is very popular. It's an easy and comfortable way to discover the history of Loreto Sanctuary. We offer seven language versions - EN, FR, DE, RU, IT, ESP and CZ. If the group does not have its own "live" guide, it can borrow one device to provide an interpretation based on the audio. Renting an audio guide is charged - see Services - Audioguide and Photo.

Is there a Museum Shop in Loreto Prague?

Yes, our small Museum Shop is located on the 1st floor of the cloister, near the entrance to the Treasury. It's not large, but it's always full of interesting items. Please note, that around the noon it could be closed due to an operational reasons (usually 12:00 - 13: 00). See also Museum Shop.

Are there toilets available for visitors and where do we find it?

Yes, of course - toilets are situated on the lower ground floor, near the staircase to the first floor of the cloister.

What is the average length of the Loreto tour?

Loreto tour takes about an hour, but if you are deeply interested by exhibited artworks of Loreto Treasure, it can also easily stretch in to two hours ... with Audio Guide it usually takes 80 min. to see everything important.

Is Loreto accessible to the handicapped persons?

No, Loreto Sanctuary is unfortunately yet accessible for handicapped persons only in a limited degree - wheelchair users must take account of stairs on balustrade and also in the main entrance. The actual ground floor of the cloister with the Holy House, chapels and the church is now barrier-free, but please note the toilets are unfortunately situated in the inaccessible basement. We apologize to disabled, we will solve the question of the wheelchair access in the near future. We offer guided tours for the blind and visually impaired persons on request, there is a tangible model of Loreta and a brief description of the place's history in Braille - in case of interest, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.