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Organ Loreto Church of the Nativity

organLoreto Organ belongs to exceptional Baroque works and it's still a very popular concert musical instrument. It's origin is related to the recent expansion of the Loreto Church of the Nativity in the 40s of the 18th century. It was created in the famous workshop in Králíky, on a succession three masters worked on it: J. B. Halbich, F. Katzer and K. Weltzer.

Beautiful two-part organ case is richly decorated with statues of playing and singing angels - the eye of an attentive viewer can recognize each individual players of angelic orchestra - players of viola da gamba, clarinet, flute, oboe, French horn, bass, there are several violinists, trumpeters and singers, a trio of angels plays the timpani. Typically baroque is  an interesting interconnection between the organ decorations and the fresco paintings and stucco on the vaults of the church. Above the choir is the painted Nativity scene, so the overall concept of rococo interior means it looks like "Celestial Orchestra" plays a celebratory song for the newborn Saviour.

If you like classic organ music, do not miss the opportunity to listen a regular Saturday afternoon concert in the Loreto Sanctuary (no extra charge) - more info in The Organ Concerts for Visitors

Newly we offer also guided tours through Loreto Organ Choir Loft

New booklet (CZ/EN)about the history of Loreto Organ was just published. Look at it! Booklet is available in the Loreto Museum Shop