Loreto Prague

The small shop

The small shop

At the end of the circuit, on the first floor of the Loreto cloisters, visitors are offered to visit the shop – better said the small shop – modern architectonic work inserted into historical space was designed and realized by architect Synek in 2001.

Besides small souvenirs, postcards and leaflets, it is also possible to purchase the latest version of A Guide for the Pilgrimage Site, The Prague Loreto. Full-colour booklet with plentiful photographs provides us with a brief summary of the history of the Prague Loreto. In addition it contains short meditations and prayers which can help you to discover the spiritual dimension of the visit to the Loreto sightseeings. The Guide is available in eight language versions (Czech, English, German, Polish, Italian, Spanish, French and Russian).

published in 2001 by the Order of the Friars Minor Capuchin, at its own expense, possible to purchase only at the Prague Loreto, price CZK 70,- , 47 pages, 38 coloured pictures, art paper

We offer also all sorts of small devotional articles with the motifs of the Prague Loreto: chaplets, bells, candles etc.